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Purchase desire: Fushan creates more value for users

May 27, 2021

Overlock sewing machine, the beginning speed from factory is 6200 rpm, under the operation of high speed, the shell automatically dissipate heat; The machine is still working stable and can be adjusted faster;


Lockstitch Sewing machine, the beginning speed from factory is 4100 rpm, it is still same stable under the high speed, and the sound is also light.


 Automation series products, instead of one labor, two labor, three labor, or even no need labor. At the same time, the above products can realize "IOT" for cloud management, you also can control production data anytime and anywhere through Fushan IOT;


As a national brand of sewing equipment, Fushan's high quality is no longer news in China. Compared with world-class brands, it is not inferior in product performance, quality control and product service. Even in some categories such as computerized lockstitch sewing machine and computerized overlock sewing machine, Fushan is imitated as a pioneer by the other brands.  


Whether in the domestic market or in the foreign market, the desire of customers to buy Fushan products is that Fushan can create more value for customers.In the news of poverty assistance industry and fight against epidemic situation in recent two years, from central government media to local government media,  "fushan purple" often becomes a beautiful color in the lens. Even more, you can see the image of "Fushan blue", and these are products of Fushan many years ago, which shows the durability of Fushan products.


The more you use it, the better you can use. It's fast and easy. They are just features of Foshan’s high quality. In terms of advanced technology, we can observe the status of its partners in the industry. First, rhinoceros intelligence factory, one of the "global lighthouse factories", takes Fushan as one of its main suppliers of sewing equipment, and invites its chairman, Mr. Wu Liang jie, to be the only guest of the sewing equipment supplier.  Second, many factories from the world's well-known clothing brand are using the most of Fushan products and " Fushan is the only one", and more and more brands choose to use "Fushan products".


What kind of products can stimulate the desire to buy?


the old factory replace new machines with a higher quality sewing machine; New factory purchase new machines with higher quality sewing machines directly.The whole factory's "fushan purple" is the answers exactly.



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