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Hikari, the domestic product behind the Olympic boom

September 08, 2021

The fever of Tokyo 2020 Olympic , with the opening of the Paralympic Games, Beijing Winter Olympics are approaching, the heat wave continues to roll. Chinese clothing brands such as Li Ning, Anta, Peak and Erke compete with international brands such as Adidas and Nike through the global live broadcast of TV channels.


The clothing brands on the field can be described as "gods fighting". Together with the athletes, they interpret the Olympic motto of "Swifter, Higher, Stronger, together". But these clothing brands, the sewing equipment they use, may come from the same brand -- Hikari Sewing machine.


It is understood that Hikari sewing equipment has become a partner of many international well-known clothing brands. As one of the national brands of Chinese sewing equipment, Hikari focuses on new technology and automation. These two classic "Hikari Types" are made with oil driven flat sewing machine and super high speed computer overlock sewing machine. It not only marks "created in China" in the global sewing equipment industry, but also has epoch-making significance to change the Chinese sewing equipment manufacturing from imitation to leading. Moreover, these two "Hikari Types" are constantly upgraded with technology addition. Although they are constantly imitated, they seem to be in the "master" position and even become the designated "models" of many clothing brands.


By 2021, Hikari has a number of global pioneering sewing products, and continues to lead the transformation of garment sewing technology. In addition, according to the characteristics of global clothing brands, for brand enterprises to develop "customized machine", sewing equipment is very stable high standard sewing technology, practical maintenance of brand quality standards.

That is to say, Hikari can designate sewing equipment partners for well-known brands around the world, relying on solid technical research and development strength and strict product quality.

More and more Chinese people are proud of domestic products, in the global sewing equipment industry competition, Hikari continues to strive for "created in China", continues to lead the garment sewing technology revolution with technology, help more and more clothing brands to sew high-quality clothing.

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