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HIKARI- first choice for the :emerging market?garment industry

September 08, 2021

从From coast garment factory to the anti-poverty garments processing workshop .


Some enterprises establish garment factories in low labor cost districts.

Those who used Hikari sewing equipments,keep on using Hikari equipments,this is the continuous trust to Hikari brand.

Those who used other brand’s sewing equipments,after comprehensive comparing,they choose Hikari finally,this is the higher quality trust to Hikari product.


With the garments processing peak season,Hikari and partner’s equipment installing quantity is more and more.In order to help garment enterprise to process in time,the installing workers work day and night ,to make sure the the installing mission finished.

In fact,this is the high performance of Hiraki brand after so many years’ accumulation.

“Quickly and easily,the more the better”,this is the highest appreciation to Hikari brand by customer.

Recently,another garment factory installed 500 sets Hikari sewing equipment.Except overlock sewing machine、sewing machine,also including special machine,e.g plate machine.In other words,as the sewing machine,these garments enterprises purchase from Hiraki as many as possible.

One the one hand,there are new technologies on every product of Hikari,pushing or leading the garment sewing technology reform.It make the workers work easily,improve the working efficiency,then the factory also can use“Hikari IOT”to realize the digital administration according to administration requirement,Substantially improving the administration efficiency,reducing the administration cost.

On the other hand,with the mature application of Hikari automated sewing machine,Proceeding from reality, Hikari effectively solve the problem of increasing labor costs.

Regardless of the past or the future, Hikari has always adhered to its original aspirations, focused on the development of the sewing equipment industry, and continued to adhere to its dreams for the development and growth of national brands.

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