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Marketing becomes to usual, Hikari wins more opportunity

September 08, 2021

The whole marketing was stop because of Covid 19 last year. Since the beginning of this year, the epidemic situation is still changing.

Faced with unpredictable market changes, especially labor-intensive traditional clothing companies. They are more calm and rational when purchasing production equipment.

Regarding difficult in recruiting, the best way is using automated machine in order to reduce the workers and improve the effective productivity.

Regarding to Hikari, Deploy development on automated machine in advance, under the in-depth technical research and development, varies of products have been put on the market this year, and received good response.Some of our automated machines couldn’t cover the market’s request, even after we take overtime working.

Facing the more and more calm down market, the comprehensive strength of products has become a key in winning customers. For Hikari, which does not fight price wars and has an own brand personality, it depends on product hard power.

Each product has its lead time of life, and Hikari's high-quality and more new technologies are not inferior to world-class brands, and even lead in many fields. This is why more and more KA garment brand choice Hikari machine, and also Hikari become the important co-operation partner with Xiniu intelligent company.

Focus on new technology and automation, focus, more professional, this is one of the important spiritual cores of Hikari "craftsman spirit"

In the face of increasingly picky market procurement, Hikari, which uses quality and new technology as the endorsement, is winning more opportunities. This is also the confidence that the Hikari Alliance partners are increasingly confident.


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