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The efficiency of Hikari new K5 has been increased two times, more cost-effective for garments enterprise

October 08, 2021

Because of technical update, Hikari’s new product can be launched fastly.

A big garment enterprise plan to purchase 8-10 complete sets of Hikari new K5:

This enterprise had been using K5 for almost one year, not only recovered the cost, bust also reduced the working strength, make it easy. One person can take care of 5 devices, only working when feeding and collecting, automatic production in the rest of the time.

As we know, Hikari auto elastic joining machine HSAT-K5, which was launtched in Sep. 2020 can replace 4-5 traditional workers. After more than one year’s using, the enterprise felt the high-efficiency of K5, and then focused on R&D speed of new products, so as to using it immediately.

After new K5 launched by Hikari, this enterprise decided to purchase 8-10 sets. The efficiency of new K5 increased two times, surprised this enterprise.

And so, this enterprise even purchased 4 sets prototype machine.

As a result, this 4 sets fully achieved the standard of new K5.

After old K5 had been approved by user, Hikari still updated the technology of K5, in order to make it faster and better, satisfied our customs. Hikari used undated technology such as: ultrasonic cutting, fabric feeding, shoe plate, transmitting table&stand, thread tension control, to upgrade K5, improving rotary speed from 2000rpm to 3000rpm; improving processing quantities per minute from 12 to 20; improving sewing logo elastic per hour from 5500 to 6000, the other products in market are 3600-4000.

By precise structural optimization, not only reducing machine weight about 150kg and make “body” beautiful, but also more stable and precise in producing.

Why Hikari’s new products can always be approved ? because our products bring more better efficiency of production to customers, based on update technology and automation.

In Oct., Hakari new K5 will go into mass producing, our customers can possess it to seize the market.

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