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Purchase order from 30 sets to 1600 sets, why?

October 08, 2021

Swimsuit market is always in changing, production technology and sewing quality are in improving, but brand of sewing machine are unchanged.

Mr. Huang who is in charge of Yaqi swimsuit said that they are “big fan” of Hikari, they had purchased Hikari’s products from 30 sets to 1600 sets in past ten years.

Hikari and Yaqi expanded the market constantly, let more people put on high-quality swimsuit, enjoying swimming, become a beautiful scenery with swimsuit.


Hikari focus on new technology and automation, update technology, improving sewing quality, efficiency, and technology, seized the market. Hikari assist garment enterprise upgrade to intelligent factory which can realize efficient management, rapid production and cost saving along with application of Hikari Cloud and IOT.


More and more garments enterprise feel the increasing of productivity and improving of production environment along with launching of Hikari new computerized stepper motor lockstitch sewing machine and Hikari new computerized stepper motor super high speed overlock sewing machine. More garments enterprise replace their sewing machine in advance to promote their competitiveness furtherly by using more advanced sewing machine. In fact, Yaqi is only an example, there are still many enterprisers choose Hikari sewing machine, because they know Hikari and used it. Hikari sewing machine satisfied them in reducing labor cost and promoting productivity.


Hikari focus on sewing industry all the time and has the ability of innovating and R&D, Hikari can provide our customers more valuable products constantly, that is why they choose Hikari as their partner, some of them choose Hikari because of our reputation.


1600 sets is not the final, just a beginning. Along with increasing of market share and production line, they will purchase in near future. They are confident of Hikari, Hikari also have the strength.

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