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Production line competition, strength of Hikari

October 09, 2021

Let garments enterprise try out two producing line, compare with other sewing machine.

This will cause two results.

With good trial, customers ordered, its a win-win result.

With bad trial, customers cancelled the order, then we lost our brand reputation.


But, for Mr. Chen, who is Hikari’s distributor in Hubei province, make a decision that put 40~50 sets into producing line to try out by a garment enterprise. Finally, Hikari wins, this competition proves Hikari’s strength furtherly, because they are confident of Hikari’s products. After removing to new factory, this garment enterprise used Hikari’s sewing machine replaced their old machine.

Hikari focus on innovation and automation and invest much capital in R&D, innovate and applicate undate technology constantly to pursuit higher quality.


About new technology, Hikari use stepper motor to make speed faster and sound quieter based on original super high speed lockstitching sewing machine and overlock sewing machine, Hikari sewing machine always be in the front status through application of update technology: Hikari’s components which is of the same origin with international first-line brand, bring high-quality to Hikari.


By Hikari Liuyong’s introduction, production trial make our customers who have not get in touch with Hikari’s products recognize that Hikari’s products are more faster and better compare with other same type machine in market. YingZiHuaDu in Wuhan city, as a new customer, have already purchased Hikari’s products many times, 600 sets till now. That is to say, Hikari’s sewing machine is trusrworthy, customers choose Hikari as their partner in first time when they need to expand their production.


Now, Hikari have built up a service system in all directions in this area and provide it to customers,they can experience new products and its better efficiency immediately. In addition, Hikari also provide machine installation service.


Be affected by strength of Hikari brand, More and more garments enterprise choose Hikari sewing machine. Hikari who have various pioneer products in the world can bring better efficiency and high quality to garments enterprise.


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